How to survive unemployment pressure and staying calm in times of digitization

It has statistically been proven that unemployment in South Africa is sitting on 29.0% rate and it seems like there are no any measure taken by our government to minimize the rate. At this particular moment, the rate of unemployment is sitting at the peak and it is drastically affecting our youth, more especially those who are holding qualifications at hand. Yet, year in and year out thousands of students are graduating at different tertiary institutions, unfortunately only to add to the already high rate of unemployment in our country.

One could ask, when is it going to get any better? What needs to be done in order for it to get any less better? Well, it is only unfortunate to even think that it will somehow get any better, because there are no measures being taken to at least to downturn the high rate that we are at.

We at Insingk Business Group, we have put together a few tips on how to survive unemployment pressure and staying calm in this time of digital era. We feel and understand the strain of being unemployed and yet holding a particular qualification. It often leads many youth to act in mischievous activities, being tempted to commit crimes, or even commit suicide. Insingk Business Group cares and support every individual affected by the unemployment pressure.

  • Understand and come to terms that some things are beyond our control. You can do as much as you can and leave things that you can’t control to sort itself out. As painful as it can get, dwelling on it will only hold on your accepting period. Free yourself from the pressure and focus on the positive side of life.
  • Release yourself from the things that make you unhappy and that make you question your worth. Always remember that we are gifted differently and for different seasons. If being with those who are working is making you belittle yourself, rather shift from them and socialize with those that you will not feel like that. Sometimes we pressurize ourselves by putting us in situations that do not benefit us or that we are not happy with.
  • Use as much of your time sending out applications digitally. We have so many online job portals that assist with job opportunities and with CV and cover letter templates. Spend time scrolling down daily and registering your CV. After doing that, try to keep yourself busy with other things and avoid overthinking about the number of applications you have sent.
  • Go to places that have free wifi to avoid spending too much money that you don’t even have on data.
  • Socialize and connect with influential people on LinkedIn. Upload your work as much as you can. It doesn’t matter that you are not working. Sharing your skills on such sides increases the chance of someone like recruitment agent to notice your skills when they are looking for a candidate.
  • Make a habit of turning your skills into a hobby. Share your work on your social media platforms. Be your own brand Ambassador and sell your skills on your timeline. Digitally we are privileged to have social media that connect us to the right people. It is only a matter of how you use it.
  • Stay calm at all times and think before you taking your next move. Digitally you can be built or broken. It’s a wolf world out there. People are desperate to destroy as much as we are desperate for getting employment.

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